It’s rare that you meet someone like Mikey, he had a way of making the people around him feel loved and seen. Even more than that, he had a drive that pushed him to squeeze every possible drop of dopamine from each day he was on this planet. When he wasn’t playing guitar, slack-lining over glacial rivers, or working on his cars and motorcycles – you could find him spending time with the people he loved most. If you were to ask any person about Mikey, you’d get 2 answers: 1. He was a great friend, and 2. He was completely nuts! This brand was created to remember and celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime friend that Mikey was. We believe that loving your people well and embracing the things that make your heart beat faster can’t help but result in a life well -lived.

Rebellion lies at the core of the biker lifestyle. We thought it’d be cool to build a brand around rebelling against the lies that come against us – we rebel against the lie that you don’t matter, we rebel against leaving words unsaid, and, above all, we rebel against mediocre lives.